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Wild Animals — Up Close and Personal

Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.   –John Muir

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Benefits of Native Gardens

Learn more about the benefits and how to plan a native garden of your own. (Many great resources.) Have you ever wondered why your garden requires so much work? The birds and bees who visit know how to care for themselves, so why not the plants? The trouble is, most American gardens are planted with […]

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How Wolves Change Rivers

The interconnectedness of nature is greater than you could ever imagine. Watch this video to see how the wolf’s return to Yellowstone restored woodlands, increased wildlife and even changed the course of rivers for the better.

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Where Did the Fish Go?

The sad truth is we are fishing fish out of existence. Roughly 80% of stocks are being fished at or above their limits. The effect has been particularly bad for big predatory fish (tuna, swordfish, cod, flounder, etc.), whose populations have been decimated since 1950 — cut literally to a tenth of their size.

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To Help Save Monarch Butterflies, Buy Organic

I was devastated to learn last week that the number of monarch butterflies who made it to their winter stomping grounds in Mexico plunged 59%

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The Perils of Bird Migration

Migration is a risky business, as I’ve had the chance to experience vicariously this fall via Osprey’s Journey, a website I helped design that is tracking the migration of an osprey from Jamaica Bay in New York to South America. He goes by the name of Coley and though I’ve never seen him in the […]

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Coley the Osprey’s Migration

The development of lightweight solar-powered GPS transmitters in recent years has enabled scientists — and the bird-loving public — to discover where ospreys go when the weather turns cool and how they get there. One migrating osprey being tracked right now is “Coley,” who was equipped with a GPS backpack in May. After a summer […]

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The Magnificent Plastic Bag Mockumentary

This hilarious spoof on public TV-style nature shows, narrated by Jeremy Irons, follows “one of the most clever and illustrious creatures”—the plastic bag— on its long and perilous migration home to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. To learn more about the garbage patch (it’s real) and how you, personally, can avoid contributing to it—besides shopping […]

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Share Your Plant and Animal Sightings

Your wildlife photos and observations are the makings of real science — even those of common species such as the house sparrow. Don’t keep them to yourself and your Facebook or Flickr friends. Join Project Noah and share them with the world or use them to help build the Encyclopedia of Life. It’s fun, but […]

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Wild Animals in Our Midst

What should communities do when deer habitat disappears and the animals spill out into yards, parks and streets? In the area where I grew up (Essex County, New Jersey), the community recently responded with deer hunts. The alternative — giving the deer contraception — was rejected due to cost. I was horrified. Not so long […]

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