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How Wolves Change Rivers

The interconnectedness of nature is greater than you could ever imagine. Watch this video to see how the wolf’s return to Yellowstone restored woodlands, increased wildlife and even changed the course of rivers for the better.

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The Magnificent Plastic Bag Mockumentary

This hilarious spoof on public TV-style nature shows, narrated by Jeremy Irons, follows “one of the most clever and illustrious creatures”—the plastic bag— on its long and perilous migration home to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. To learn more about the garbage patch (it’s real) and how you, personally, can avoid contributing to it—besides shopping […]

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If You Need Inspiration…

Watch this beautiful video on protecting mother earth. It combines extraordinary nature imagery with a stirring message. If you find yourself inspired, as I suspect you will, please share it. Created by bittusahgal and Sanctuary Asia

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Fracking, Explained — in a music video

Here’s a great little music video that manages to make fracking — a subject practically no one gets — completely understandable in 2 1/2 minutes. And it’s entertaining to boot!

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Composting: Good for Garden & Climate

Composting your lawn and food waste yields triple benefits. (1)It provides fertilizer to help your garden grow. (2)It reduces the waste you send to the landfill. (3)And it sends carbon present in the waste back to the soil where it belongs, rather than allowing it to go up into the atmosphere where it would contribute […]

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