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Share Your Plant and Animal Sightings

Your wildlife photos and observations are the makings of real science — even those of common species such as the house sparrow. Don’t keep them to yourself and your Facebook or Flickr friends. Join Project Noah and share them with the world or use them to help build the Encyclopedia of Life. It’s fun, but […]

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If You Need Inspiration…

Watch this beautiful video on protecting mother earth. It combines extraordinary nature imagery with a stirring message. If you find yourself inspired, as I suspect you will, please share it. Created by bittusahgal and Sanctuary Asia

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Raising Environmentally Aware Kids

How do you raise environmentally aware kids in this materialistic age? In seeking the answer, I look back to my own upbringing in the 1960s shortly before the first Earth Day. Like our neighbors, my family had recently begun using paper napkins instead of cloth and would run the water as if there were an […]

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Is Environmentalism a Religion?

If you come across something with this question in the title, it’s probably put out by anti-environmentalists and the answer is yes. Either yes, environmentalism is a false religion threatening the “true” religion, whatever that may be, or yes, it is “just” a religion, unfounded in science or fact. The last assertion — that environmentalism […]

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Saving Jamaica Bay

I often think we undervalue the nature spots that are not wildernesses — the ones in and near cities and towns. Not only do these underappreciated places provide precious habitat for wildlife within the built environment, they also give humans respite from the hustle-bustle of modern life. Jamaica Bay in New York City is one […]

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Wild Animals in Our Midst

What should communities do when deer habitat disappears and the animals spill out into yards, parks and streets? In the area where I grew up (Essex County, New Jersey), the community recently responded with deer hunts. The alternative — giving the deer contraception — was rejected due to cost. I was horrified. Not so long […]

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Orca Watching PDF for Distribution

I’m posting a pdf of my column on the risk to Southern Resident Killer Whales from whale-watching boats and the alternative — land-based whale-watching. Feel free to print and distribute it to anyone who might be interested. Orca Watching — with No Harm Done

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Orca Watching with No Harm Done

This summer, I had the time of my life on a whale-watching boat trip to see orcas around San Juan Island. The orcas I saw are known as Southern Residents — a sub-group or maybe even sub-species of killer whale (the other name by which orcas go). Much to my chagrin, I later discovered.that the […]

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Favorite Nature Spots

About 14 months ago, I had the idea of sharing favorite nature spots among readers of This Green Life using Google Maps as the vehicle. This nature map has received some 300 odd contributions and is still going strong today. It includes recommendations of many amazing places I’d never even heard of. Finding them isn’t […]

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Baby Pigeons

My daughter has two new charges, given to her for foster-parenting by the Wild Bird Fund. Unlike Pidgie, these pigeons were not injured, just orphaned and malnourished. The somewhat older one, Buddy, who is standing in the picture below, was already doing a great deal of wing-flapping and making flight attempts a few inches here […]

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