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Better Deals for Healthy Food

If the high cost of organic food keeps you from eating the way you’d like, consider joining a food coop. As I explain here, these cooperative grocery stores and buying clubs are not in business to make a profit. As a result, organic food at coops can often be had for the same low price […]

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Benefits of Native Gardens

Learn more about the benefits and how to plan a native garden of your own. (Many great resources.) Have you ever wondered why your garden requires so much work? The birds and bees who visit know how to care for themselves, so why not the plants? The trouble is, most American gardens are planted with […]

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Slow Food

Preserving Regional Diversity in our Foods

Many people say America has no food to call its own. While they have a point as far as a national cuisine is concerned, they overlook the country’s wealth of regional (and local) dishes and ingredients.

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Sugar Snap Peas, Squash, Scapes and Rice — a June Farmer’s Market Recipe

This delicious, healthy recipe is creamy like risotto, but easier to make, and uses seasonal ingredients for June in the Northeast. The first night I served it with roasted slices of golden beets (also seasonal)– a perfect accompaniment. By day 2, the beets were gone, so we made do with local greenhouse tomatoes. The fresh-baked […]

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Green Living in Summer

Summer, in a temperate climate, lends itself to a more natural, less energy-intensive way of living, as I explain in my July column for NRDC, Summertime and Green Living is Easy. (In hotter regions, make that “spring and fall.”) The key is working with the weather, not fighting it. Don’t insist on the same habits […]

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Easy Fall Salads with Cucumbers, Fennel and Cabbage

I love fall vegetables — their earthy flavor seems so appropriate to the season. These 4 simple recipes for salads are great for September and October when the weather is still warm. They all use vegetables that are local and seasonal for New York, where I live, and the Northeast generally. Spicy Cucumber Salad Servings: […]

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Green Eating

Local, seasonal, organic, unprocessed, etc. I’ve covered these food topics and more in my writing over the years. My new Green Eating page explains the principles and links to the pieces. Among the more interesting items are columns on sustainable wine, coffee and chocolate, as well as a couple on the importance of eating less […]

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Your Own Kitchen Garden

Have you been thinking about planting a kitchen garden this spring with vegetables and fruits you love to eat? Food grown in your own garden will be fresher than anything you can buy — even from a farmer’s market. In many cases, it will be tastier, too. My favorites are just-picked, sun-warmed tomatoes and sweet […]

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Local Foods in March: Jerusalem artichokes and fava greens

The big greenmarket at Union Square in Manhattan was jammed yesterday due to the pseudo spring weather. I went there hoping for a taste of the real thing, and while disappointed in that regard — most of the produce still came from winter storage — I got the usual lift from buying, and later cooking, […]

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Local Foods, Even in December

Humans have been importing foods from far-off places throughout recorded history, so we’re not likely to stop now. But perhaps we could strike a better balance, as of old, choosing local foods when available, and thinking of imports more as supplements for what we can’t get at home. My December This Green Life addresses this […]

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