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Downsize & Declutter When You Move

I just moved after nearly 30 years in the same big place, and I did not take everything with me. My new home is smaller, so I had no choice, but I wasn’t sorry for it. On the contrary. Though the process of winnowing down my things was time-consuming and emotionally draining (and I do […]

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Air Conditioning Alternatives

The U.S. is virtually addicted to air conditioning. We use more energy on it than all of Europe, which has twice the number of people, or China, which has over four times as many. In fact, we use more energy on air conditioning than the rest of the world combined.

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Join the Small Home Movement

The size of new single-family American homes is on the rise again. Not even the recession could stop the relentless push for larger homes.

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Green Your Holidays

The joy and beauty of the holiday season often seem to come at the expense of Mother Earth. But the waste is not inevitable. There are plenty of ways to color your holidays green.

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Repair and Reuse — Recycle Later

The act of repairing things (or having them repaired by others) has gone woefully out of fashion. It just doesn’t seem to pay anymore. Planned obsolescence and the changed economics brought about by globalization have made buying replacements too cheap and easy. The result? A throwaway culture that dumps perfectly good resources only to mine […]

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Green Lunch Box Guide

The greenest lunch boxes are made of safe, durable materials that do not expose the user to toxic chemicals and eliminate waste. That also goes for the food packaging, beverage containers, utensils and napkins inside. It has been estimated that a schoolchild who uses such a lunch box will save 67 pounds of trash on […]

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Green Burials

If you are the sort of person who strives for a green lifestyle, now is the time to consider how you want to be buried and make your wishes known. Otherwise, your burial will likely be at odds with your values—and the person you have tried, all your life, to be. Why? Because the typical […]

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My Cat Reviews My New Reusable Bag

I love my new reusable bag by Flip & Tumble. It’s attractive, roomy, has a shoulder pad on the strap and rolls up into a small, lightweight ball that fits easily in my purse. I showed it to my cat Boo. He didn’t think much of it as a ball. I shook it open. That […]

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Holiday Guide to Reuse & Recycling

After the holidays, we’re often left with the problem of what to do with all the waste — from the platters of uneaten food to the Christmas tree to the old things that the shiny new gifts replaced. The answer: reuse or recycle them. See my new “Holiday Guide to Reuse & Recycling” for practical, […]

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Keep Drugs out of Drinking Water

Disposing of old, expired and/or unneeded medications is tricky. You don’t want kids, teens or pets to get a hold of them (or drug abusers for that matter), so you might think the old recommendation to flush them down the toilet is good advice. But this practice solves one problem only to create another. With […]

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