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Better Air at Home

The air inside your home can be much more heavily polluted than the air outside. But don’t look to the Environmental Protection Agency for protection. The only clean air standards the EPA enforces are the ones that apply to the out-of-doors. Within your home, the enforcement job is yours. Indoor pollutants range from sulfur dioxide […]

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Downsize & Declutter When You Move

I just moved after nearly 30 years in the same big place, and I did not take everything with me. My new home is smaller, so I had no choice, but I wasn’t sorry for it. On the contrary. Though the process of winnowing down my things was time-consuming and emotionally draining (and I do […]

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Join the Small Home Movement

The size of new single-family American homes is on the rise again. Not even the recession could stop the relentless push for larger homes.

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How Permeable Pavement Stood up to Hurricane Irene

While riding out Hurricane Irene in suburban New Jersey at my brother’s house this weekend, I got to see permeable pavement in action. The storm dumped over 7 inches of rain onto his town in about 12 hours. As I was out walking my dog in the worst of it, I saw water streaming off […]

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Permeable Pavement

Making pavement impervious to water only seems like a good idea. In fact, it creates a huge and serious problem. Whenever precipitation accumulates, the water travels across the pavement to street gutters, picking up contaminants along the way — from motor oil to dog poop. This noxious mix then flows into storm sewers, which empty […]

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Low VOC Paint is Best

Recently, I’ve had experience in my home with low-VOC paint as well as conventional paint. The first left the place virtually odor-free; the second filled it with noxious fumes from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Possible health effects from VOC exposure include headache, dizziness and respiratory problems in the short-run — and liver, kidney and neurological […]

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