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A new year’s card for my fellow green travelers who make the big effort to do the little things that make the difference—

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Green Your Holidays

The joy and beauty of the holiday season often seem to come at the expense of Mother Earth. But the waste is not inevitable. There are plenty of ways to color your holidays green.

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Climate Saving Measures

Tired of waiting for government to get serious about saving the climate? Make your feelings known and take action in your own life to show you’re serious too. Here are suggestions ranging from the grand to the everyday.

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A New, Improved This Green Life

I am very excited to announce that there is a new, bigger, better, more attractive This Green Life on the NRDC website. Eight years after launching the original, I have finally organized the nearly 100 columns into useful categories like Animals, Health, Waste (Not!) and Spirit and Meaning. Now you can easily find what you’re […]

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Vegetarian Grilling Comes to America

The all American barbecue is changing. No longer is meat or chicken the only thing on the grill. At some barbecues, it’s not even on the menu. I’m not referring to the fish taco fad, but something more surprising: the growing popularity of purely vegetarian grilling — as in grilled eggplant parmesan sandwiches, grilled tofu […]

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Repair and Reuse — Recycle Later

The act of repairing things (or having them repaired by others) has gone woefully out of fashion. It just doesn’t seem to pay anymore. Planned obsolescence and the changed economics brought about by globalization have made buying replacements too cheap and easy. The result? A throwaway culture that dumps perfectly good resources only to mine […]

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Young People Driving Less

For the first time since World War II, Americans are driving less—and young people most of all. In a comparison of the transportation habits of 16-34 year olds in 2009 to those in 2001, a new report by U.S. PIRG and the Frontier Group finds that young people in 2009: Traveled 23% fewer “vehicle miles”; […]

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Walking Quotes by Muir, Thoreau, et. al.

Quotes that will resonate with the walker in you — in graphic form.

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Walking by Henry David Thoreau

Don’t let the title of this great, underread essay by Thoreau deceive you. It is about walking, yes, but walking as a way of being in the world. Within the beautiful, meandering 19th-century language is a breathtakingly radical vision.

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Green Lunch Box Guide

The greenest lunch boxes are made of safe, durable materials that do not expose the user to toxic chemicals and eliminate waste. That also goes for the food packaging, beverage containers, utensils and napkins inside. It has been estimated that a schoolchild who uses such a lunch box will save 67 pounds of trash on […]

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