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Benefits of Native Gardens

Learn more about the benefits and how to plan a native garden of your own. (Many great resources.) Have you ever wondered why your garden requires so much work? The birds and bees who visit know how to care for themselves, so why not the plants? The trouble is, most American gardens are planted with […]

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Why Compost

The virtues are obvious if you’re a gardener. What if you’re a person eager to live more sustainably with only so much time to give to the cause? You can’t do better. Composting not only reduces the waste you send to the landfill, but converts it into a useful product without requiring additional resources. Meanwhile, […]

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Composting: Good for Garden & Climate

Composting your lawn and food waste yields triple benefits. (1)It provides fertilizer to help your garden grow. (2)It reduces the waste you send to the landfill. (3)And it sends carbon present in the waste back to the soil where it belongs, rather than allowing it to go up into the atmosphere where it would contribute […]

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