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Better Deals for Healthy Food

If the high cost of organic food keeps you from eating the way you’d like, consider joining a food coop. As I explain here, these cooperative grocery stores and buying clubs are not in business to make a profit. As a result, organic food at coops can often be had for the same low price […]

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Holiday Menus for Mixed Food Faiths

With more and more people cutting meat and other animal products out of their diets these days, the holiday menu is no longer the no-brainer it once was. If you are rethinking the idea of a meat-centric meal, here are a few crowd-pleasing vegan dishes to serve alongside a roast — or all on their […]

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Where Did the Fish Go?

The sad truth is we are fishing fish out of existence. Roughly 80% of stocks are being fished at or above their limits. The effect has been particularly bad for big predatory fish (tuna, swordfish, cod, flounder, etc.), whose populations have been decimated since 1950 — cut literally to a tenth of their size.

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12 Most Important Foods to Buy Organic (2013)

When it comes to fruits and veggies, there are 4 things the Environmental Working Group (EWG) wants you to know

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Slow Food

Preserving Regional Diversity in our Foods

Many people say America has no food to call its own. While they have a point as far as a national cuisine is concerned, they overlook the country’s wealth of regional (and local) dishes and ingredients.

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Vegetarian Grilling Comes to America

The all American barbecue is changing. No longer is meat or chicken the only thing on the grill. At some barbecues, it’s not even on the menu. I’m not referring to the fish taco fad, but something more surprising: the growing popularity of purely vegetarian grilling — as in grilled eggplant parmesan sandwiches, grilled tofu […]

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12 Most Important Foods to Buy Organic (2012)

Try the 12 Most Important Foods to Buy Organic for 2013 instead. More up-to-date! Fact: You cannot get rid of all the pesticides on conventionally grown fruits and vegetables simply by washing them. In the latest government tests analyzed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), pesticides were found on 68 percent of food samples after […]

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Sugar Snap Peas, Squash, Scapes and Rice — a June Farmer’s Market Recipe

This delicious, healthy recipe is creamy like risotto, but easier to make, and uses seasonal ingredients for June in the Northeast. The first night I served it with roasted slices of golden beets (also seasonal)– a perfect accompaniment. By day 2, the beets were gone, so we made do with local greenhouse tomatoes. The fresh-baked […]

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Green Lunch Box Guide

The greenest lunch boxes are made of safe, durable materials that do not expose the user to toxic chemicals and eliminate waste. That also goes for the food packaging, beverage containers, utensils and napkins inside. It has been estimated that a schoolchild who uses such a lunch box will save 67 pounds of trash on […]

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Campbell’s Soup to Phase out BPA, but How and When

After months of pressure from consumers and public health organizations led by the Breast Cancer Fund, Campbell’s Soup Company has announced plans to phase out use of the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in its can linings. As the world’s largest canned soup producer, Campbell’s can play a major role in reducing exposure to BPA, […]

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