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Does Global Warming Cause Tornadoes and Floods?

Flooding in Smithfield, KY, 5.13.11. Photo by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Is the rash of deadly tornadoes in Joplin, Tuscaloosa and other parts of the country related to global warming, as author and environmentalist Bill McKibben recently suggested in a satiric piece for the The Washington Post? How about the disastrous floods we’ve been […]

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Raising Environmentally Aware Kids

How do you raise environmentally aware kids in this materialistic age? In seeking the answer, I look back to my own upbringing in the 1960s shortly before the first Earth Day. Like our neighbors, my family had recently begun using paper napkins instead of cloth and would run the water as if there were an […]

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Fracking Fairy Tale

I’m worried there’s going to be a mad dash to natural gas now that people have been reminded how dangerous nuclear power is by the nuclear disaster in Japan. I’m not a fan of nuclear power, but don’t want to see us jump from the frying pan into the fire either — particularly the “fire” […]

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Nuclear Power vs. Gas — Danger on Both Sides

Were you scared by today’s report about radioactive contamination of Tokyo’s drinking water? Then how do you feel about radioactive gas drilling waste being discharged into rivers that feed drinking water supplies in the U.S.? It’s happening in Pennsylvania, in broad daylight, as reported in The New York Times. And no one has yet done […]

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Japan’s Nuclear Crisis

4.3.11 update: With yesterday’s report that highly radioactive water is leaking into the Pacific from the Fukushima Daiichi plant, the nuclear disaster just got bigger — and resolution further away. How far does the danger extend? Not yet to America. Though daily air monitoring around the U.S. by the Environmental Protection Agency shows elevated levels […]

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Composting: Good for Garden & Climate

Composting your lawn and food waste yields triple benefits. (1)It provides fertilizer to help your garden grow. (2)It reduces the waste you send to the landfill. (3)And it sends carbon present in the waste back to the soil where it belongs, rather than allowing it to go up into the atmosphere where it would contribute […]

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Is Environmentalism a Religion?

If you come across something with this question in the title, it’s probably put out by anti-environmentalists and the answer is yes. Either yes, environmentalism is a false religion threatening the “true” religion, whatever that may be, or yes, it is “just” a religion, unfounded in science or fact. The last assertion — that environmentalism […]

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Safer Ways to De-ice

My local landscape has been covered with road salt the last couple of weeks, due to periodic snowfalls and temperatures consistently below freezing. I can’t say I am sorry to have steps and sidewalks clear of ice (with my bad back, a fall could be disabling), but I wish the landlords and homeowners that dispense […]

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Recycling Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

One objection to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) that people often raise is the problem of disposing of them safely due to the mercury they contain. Mercury is a toxin that is particularly dangerous to the developing brains of children (and babies in utero) and is suspected of posing a heart risk to adults. The amount […]

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