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How Wolves Change Rivers

The interconnectedness of nature is greater than you could ever imagine. Watch this video to see how the wolf’s return to Yellowstone restored woodlands, increased wildlife and even changed the course of rivers for the better.

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Where Did the Fish Go?

The sad truth is we are fishing fish out of existence. Roughly 80% of stocks are being fished at or above their limits. The effect has been particularly bad for big predatory fish (tuna, swordfish, cod, flounder, etc.), whose populations have been decimated since 1950 — cut literally to a tenth of their size.

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Join the Small Home Movement

The size of new single-family American homes is on the rise again. Not even the recession could stop the relentless push for larger homes.

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Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

Living in Lower Manhattan–near sea level and near the water’s edge–I was in the evacuation zone for Hurricanes Sandy and Irene.

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Climate Saving Measures

Tired of waiting for government to get serious about saving the climate? Make your feelings known and take action in your own life to show you’re serious too. Here are suggestions ranging from the grand to the everyday.

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Green Burials

If you are the sort of person who strives for a green lifestyle, now is the time to consider how you want to be buried and make your wishes known. Otherwise, your burial will likely be at odds with your values—and the person you have tried, all your life, to be. Why? Because the typical […]

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Let’s Put Overpopulation Back on the Agenda

The world’s population topped 7 billion yesterday, according to the United Nations. Amazingly, it was covered in the media not so much as a problem as a milestone. Oh look, we’ve hit the big 7-0-0-0-0-0-0 mark. How can that be? Overpopulation is one of the root causes of our most pressing environmental problems — from […]

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How Permeable Pavement Stood up to Hurricane Irene

While riding out Hurricane Irene in suburban New Jersey at my brother’s house this weekend, I got to see permeable pavement in action. The storm dumped over 7 inches of rain onto his town in about 12 hours. As I was out walking my dog in the worst of it, I saw water streaming off […]

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If You Need Inspiration…

Watch this beautiful video on protecting mother earth. It combines extraordinary nature imagery with a stirring message. If you find yourself inspired, as I suspect you will, please share it. Created by bittusahgal and Sanctuary Asia

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Permeable Pavement

Making pavement impervious to water only seems like a good idea. In fact, it creates a huge and serious problem. Whenever precipitation accumulates, the water travels across the pavement to street gutters, picking up contaminants along the way — from motor oil to dog poop. This noxious mix then flows into storm sewers, which empty […]

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