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Air Conditioning Alternatives

The U.S. is virtually addicted to air conditioning. We use more energy on it than all of Europe, which has twice the number of people, or China, which has over four times as many. In fact, we use more energy on air conditioning than the rest of the world combined.

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Climate Saving Measures

Tired of waiting for government to get serious about saving the climate? Make your feelings known and take action in your own life to show you’re serious too. Here are suggestions ranging from the grand to the everyday.

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Green Living in Summer

Summer, in a temperate climate, lends itself to a more natural, less energy-intensive way of living, as I explain in my July column for NRDC, Summertime and Green Living is Easy. (In hotter regions, make that “spring and fall.”) The key is working with the weather, not fighting it. Don’t insist on the same habits […]

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Fracking, Explained — in a music video

Here’s a great little music video that manages to make fracking — a subject practically no one gets — completely understandable in 2 1/2 minutes. And it’s entertaining to boot!

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A Well-placed Joke Brings Fracking Risks Home

“This water is most likely safe. If you have any concerns about contamination due to hydraulic fracturing, expose water to flame.” Ah, the power of a well-placed joke. You can read countless articles about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) to drinking water and health and never feel how much is at stake. But […]

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Fracking Fairy Tale

I’m worried there’s going to be a mad dash to natural gas now that people have been reminded how dangerous nuclear power is by the nuclear disaster in Japan. I’m not a fan of nuclear power, but don’t want to see us jump from the frying pan into the fire either — particularly the “fire” […]

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Nuclear Power vs. Gas — Danger on Both Sides

Were you scared by today’s report about radioactive contamination of Tokyo’s drinking water? Then how do you feel about radioactive gas drilling waste being discharged into rivers that feed drinking water supplies in the U.S.? It’s happening in Pennsylvania, in broad daylight, as reported in The New York Times. And no one has yet done […]

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Japan’s Nuclear Crisis

4.3.11 update: With yesterday’s report that highly radioactive water is leaking into the Pacific from the Fukushima Daiichi plant, the nuclear disaster just got bigger — and resolution further away. How far does the danger extend? Not yet to America. Though daily air monitoring around the U.S. by the Environmental Protection Agency shows elevated levels […]

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Switch to Green Power in NYC in 3 Clicks

New Yorkers: if you’ve been meaning to sign up for green power, but found it too difficult till now, head on over to Pick a wind product or a blend or let the site choose for you. Any which way you’ll reduce your contribution to global warming for a few dollars a month. (The […]

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