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Where Did the Fish Go?

The sad truth is we are fishing fish out of existence. Roughly 80% of stocks are being fished at or above their limits. The effect has been particularly bad for big predatory fish (tuna, swordfish, cod, flounder, etc.), whose populations have been decimated since 1950 — cut literally to a tenth of their size.

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Air Conditioning Alternatives

The U.S. is virtually addicted to air conditioning. We use more energy on it than all of Europe, which has twice the number of people, or China, which has over four times as many. In fact, we use more energy on air conditioning than the rest of the world combined.

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12 Most Important Foods to Buy Organic (2013)

When it comes to fruits and veggies, there are 4 things the Environmental Working Group (EWG) wants you to know

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Why Bike-sharing Works

Cities large and small in the U.S. and around the world are providing people with a new transportation option: public transit by bike.

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Jon Stewart segment on CitiBike

Jon Stewart on CitiBike

The media gets it just desserts for going over the top on New York’s new bike share program (not that I’m not a great fan of it).

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Making Earth Day Last

I love Earth Day, but always feel a little deflated afterwards. Just one day of national attention to the health of our planet? Really??

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Environmental Persuasion

In the Internet age, it’s ridiculously easy to spread the word about the environment, but getting friends to take notice and act upon the information is notoriously hard.

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To Help Save Monarch Butterflies, Buy Organic

I was devastated to learn last week that the number of monarch butterflies who made it to their winter stomping grounds in Mexico plunged 59%

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Slow Food

Preserving Regional Diversity in our Foods

Many people say America has no food to call its own. While they have a point as far as a national cuisine is concerned, they overlook the country’s wealth of regional (and local) dishes and ingredients.

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Join the Small Home Movement

The size of new single-family American homes is on the rise again. Not even the recession could stop the relentless push for larger homes.

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