Holiday Menus for Mixed Food Faiths

With more and more people cutting meat and other animal products out of their diets these days, the holiday menu is no longer the no-brainer it once was. If you are rethinking the idea of a meat-centric meal, here are a few crowd-pleasing vegan dishes to serve alongside a roast — or all on their own!

mideast-squashThe first, Middle Eastern Squash and Red Onions, is based on Yotam Ottolenghi’s Roasted Butternut Squash in the Jerusalem cookbook. If you can’t find the Middle Eastern spice mix za’atar, you can make your own za’atar. The dish tastes delicious even without it, but is more special with.

vegan-potato-pancakesThe second dish, Easy Vegan Potato Pancakes, is made with oatmeal, which makes for a great binder. When I’ve served these potato pancakes side by side with ones made the traditional way, with eggs, everyone preferred the vegan version. I’ve included a recipe for a sweet and tangy cranberry sauce cranberry-small2to serve with it. Of course, it’s great with apple sauce too.

Last on the list is Maple Squash Focaccia, which is a variation on a recipe by Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Don’t ignore it just because there’s no picture. The squash is heavenly.


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4 Responses to Holiday Menus for Mixed Food Faiths

  1. Bridget Flynn December 20, 2013 at 7:42 pm #

    As a vegan, I was so disappointed in this article, I unsubscribed . This article is a perfect example of what’s wrong with environmentalists and with liberals in general (yes I am saying that pretty much all environmentalists are liberals): they are huge pansies who REFUSE to stand up for what they say they believe in. An article coming from an environmental publication should not be asking meat eaters to consider serving some vegan side dishes. It should be saying, “If you are a meat eater, why? Why do you continue to support these atrocious industries that destroy the environment and enslave and torture animals?” I’m sorry, but eating meat and animal products is wrong, wrong wrong, and there is no excuse for it, at least no good excuse. We vegans and environmentalists are never going to make any progress at all until first of all, we all go vegan, and secondly we all get the brass to make a big issue of it, frequently, even when carnists attack us and belittle us and tell us we’re just being obnoxious. The holidays might be a time to focus on what you have in common with family members, but it’s not a time to compromise on important issues. Only when we refuse to let any meat or animal products in our homes on ANY occasion will carnists start to realize that veganism, for numerous reasons, is a hugely important issue. An article like this- which humbly asks meat eaters to serve a side or two without dead corpses in it- is just going to confuse people.

  2. Charles Lanman December 20, 2013 at 9:57 pm #

    You catch more flies with vinegar than with honey, eh Bridget?

  3. artbymeera January 16, 2014 at 9:38 am #

    I am a vegan now and when I cook and serve thats what it is but I make sure dishes are beautiful to look at, nutritionally very sound, flavorful and tasty. I never rub it in that its vegan but that ‘isn’t it absolutely great !” I agree with Charles Lanman – lay out the honey 🙂

    • Bridget Flynn January 16, 2014 at 11:35 am #

      Gary Yourofsky has been spreading veganism for years, and he is adamant that the best way to spread veganism is to speak truthfully and forcefully. People will listen or not listen based on whether the are ready to listen, not based on how nice you are. Please watch this 3-minute Youtube clip of GY: