Coley the Osprey’s Migration

The development of lightweight solar-powered GPS transmitters in recent years has enabled scientists — and the bird-loving public — to discover where ospreys go when the weather turns cool and how they get there.

One migrating osprey being tracked right now is “Coley,” who was equipped with a GPS backpack in May. After a summer spent rearing chicks with his mate at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in New York City, he took off last week. (His mate will go her own way for the winter, but if all goes well, they will reunite at the nest in Jamaica Bay next spring.)

The first GPS report shows that Coley flew 1,000 miles to southern Florida in just 4 days. There will be a new report on the next leg of his journey in the next day or two. Follow his progress and see some beautiful osprey photos at the Osprey’s Journey website.


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