A Local’s View of the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

9/11 is a national event but for those of us who lived in Tribeca in the shadow of the towers at the time, it was a local event, too. My son went to school just 5 blocks away at P.S. 234 and was there when the first plane struck. I visited 234 this morning and took this picture from the school garden, with the new Freedom Tower, under construction, in the background:
Freedom Tower from P.S. 234
The school was evacuated when the second plane hit and the children who hadn’t been picked up yet ran through the ash cloud to safety with their brave teachers. Fortunately for us, my husband was close by and got our son before then.

Tribeca and all of downtown have been revitalized, but the memories — and for some, the scars and losses — remain.


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