Share Your Plant and Animal Sightings

Titmouse on cameraYour wildlife photos and observations are the makings of real science — even those of common species such as the house sparrow.

Don’t keep them to yourself and your Facebook or Flickr friends. Join Project Noah and share them with the world or use them to help build the Encyclopedia of Life. It’s fun, but not just. These and other “citizen science” efforts (some more rigorous than others) are helping to document life on earth.

Learn more about citizen science opportunities that you can get involved in. No science background necessary.

Check out my recently opened Project Noah page. If you’re a Project Noah member, “follow” me — and I’ll reciprocate.


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One Response to Share Your Plant and Animal Sightings

  1. Carla September 14, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

    For another citizen science reporting website, check National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Watch at Also we have where you can look up nature activities near you.