12 Most Important Foods to Buy Organic (2011)

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Pesticide residues often remain on produce even after you wash it. Therefore, it’s best for your health and your family’s to buy organic fruits and vegetables.

If you can’t afford to by everything organic, the best strategy is to focus on the fruits and vegetables that are most likely to expose you to multiple pesticides. The Environmental Working Group puts out a handy guide each year to help you identify them.

EWG’s 2011 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce says the 12 most important fruits and vegetables to buy organic this year are:

EWG Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce, 2011
Visit EWG for answers to your questions on pesticides in produce and download EWG’s wallet-sized Shopper’s Guide.

1 Apples
2 Celery
3 Strawberries
4 Peaches
5 Spinach
6 Nectarines – imported
7 Grapes – imported
8 Sweet bell peppers
9 Potatoes
10 Blueberries – domestic
11 Lettuce
12 Kale/collard greens

The least contaminated fruits and vegetables–which are much less important to buy organic–are:

1 Onions
2 Sweet Corn
3 Pineapples
4 Avocado
5 Asparagus
6 Sweet peas
7 Mangoes
8 Eggplant
9 Cantaloupe – domestic
10 Kiwi
11 Cabbage
12 Watermelon
13 Sweet potatoes
14 Grapefruit
15 Mushrooms

Get the 2012 list of the most important fruits and vegetables to buy organic.


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