A Well-placed Joke Brings Fracking Risks Home

Fracking's no joke, but this sign is“This water is most likely safe. If you have any concerns about contamination due to hydraulic fracturing, expose water to flame.”

Ah, the power of a well-placed joke.

You can read countless articles about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) to drinking water and health and never feel how much is at stake. But read one sign like this above a water fountain as you are about to take a drink and you’ll get it in your gut.

The sign, which I encountered at my gym the other day, is apparently an activist hoax, designed to wake New Yorkers up to the fact that their drinking water is threatened. I guess New Yorkers aren’t paying attention because the issue seems too remote and abstract. I can understand — I feel that way about lots of things — but come July 1st, the current moratorium on fracking in New York State will end unless people speak out. Then we all may be in trouble.

If you live in New York, imagine waking up to see this sign on your tap one day. Then write Governor Cuomo urging him to make sure fracking is not allowed to proceed before the risks are fully evaluated.

Fracking is a danger all over the U.S. If you live in another state, write your members of Congress asking them to close oil and gas loopholes in our environmental laws.


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